Sourcing the taste

We are establishing a Global Procurement function to help minimize our social and environmental impact.

Image of two women enjoying Mentos

We believe our business can flourish only if conducted in a manner that is respectful and protective of human rights. We recognize this responsibility wherever we conduct business. There is both a moral and a business case for upholding human rights throughout our entire operations.

We prioritize the fair and equitable treatment of all our associates, as well as the individuals with whom we conduct business. We are committed to providing fair working conditions (including wages, social security and the right to collective bargaining), and a diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment. We have committed to this in both our Human Rights Statement and our Code of Conduct.

We're also committed to reducing the environmental impact in our distribution operations. In addition to producing and packaging our products in an environmentally conscious manner, we also seek to manufacture products close to our sales markets whenever possible. Our objective is to minimize imports and exports, reducing the environmental impact and waste of energy involved in transporting goods.

Whenever possible, we make significant use of combined road/rail transport, both for imports and for domestic distribution. For exporting to distant markets, we prefer to use shipping, thus helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. With new regular transportation routes, we consistently increase Intermodal weight.