Craft, creativity & passion

These are the key drivers for our success as we explore new ways of doing things and innovative ideas that will inspire and delight our consumers worldwide.

Innovative Treats. Better Future.

Our consumers in both mature and growing economies are very sensitive to new experiences and concepts. We want to be the ones who pleasantly surprise them with new products, new flavours, new packaging and new product concepts that will help them enjoy "moments of indulgence" in their lives.

This is why research and development plays such an important strategic role at Perfetti Van Melle. Our central laboratories in Lainate (Italy), supported by local laboratories in various countries, are constantly researching new chewing gum and candy formulations as well as qualitative improvements to existing products. Have a video tour to our R&D facilities where innovation is born.

Mentos Say Hello

A better way to say hello

The minty freshness of Mentos has been helping people to make fresh connections by simply offering them a candy. Now Mentos is going one better with the new Say Hello proposition.

Each dragee of Mentos Say Hello is a call to action towards people you want to reach out to and make a real connection. With a specially printed message on each candy, every sweet is an invitation to dance, give a hug, sing a song, shake hands, share a drink or take a selfie! European consumers will enjoy 34 logos and a set of 34 logos has been designed for our Asian consumers. Pick and share the most appropriate one and say hello! It is nice to be nice to people!



You’ll spot the new additions to the Mentos range offering the same colourful Mentos branded packaging with the “Say hello” logo!


Mentos Say Hello come in three different flavours: Orange & Raspberry, Fruit and Mint.


Mentos Say Hello are currently available in Europe and Asia.


Chupa Chups Fruit Flavours Universe

Fruit Flavours Universe is a great innovation from Chupa Chups.

These lollipops get their outer-space name due to the coloured dots inside which provide an additional fruity flavour boost.


Fruit Flavours Universe lollipops are available in citrus, berry and tutti-frutti (only in Russia) flavours. Japan will also have melon soda and tropical mix banana flavours.

The coloured dots in the lollipop add an extra burst of strawberry, pineapple and blueberry flavours, giving the lollipop an out-of-this world taste sensation


These lollipops are sold in the iconic Chupa Chups wheel in France and in display boxes and tins in Russia.


These lollipops are available in FranceRussia and Japan.

Mentos Pure Fresh Gum Roll

Mentos has now extended its range of pocket favourites to include Mentos Pure Fresh gum. Since 1932, Mentos candies have been delighting consumers with their high quality, tasty, chewable dragees.  Easy to share and handy to keep in your pocket when you’re on-the-go, Mentos has released the Mentos Pure Fresh gum roll to give you that burst of freshness whenever you need it!


The fresh taste of Mentos Pure Fresh gum gives you long-lasting freshness and confidence to talk. These centre-filled fresh  gum dragees with green tea extract provide intense and pure freshness. They are available in many flavors such as Fresh Mint, Spearmint, Bubble Fresh and Eucalyptus Mint.



Mentos Pure Fresh gum rolls are conveniently pocket-sized so you can keep them with you when you are out and about or when you’re in the office and need that hit of freshness.


Mentos Pure Fresh gum roll is available in Russia, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Smint 2h Clean Breath Peppermint

Smint 2h

Intense, sugarfree refreshing mints that give you 2 hours of clean breath!

Smint is known for its small triangular refreshing mints in handy on-the-go packages. The latest product innovation by Smint has 3 layers with 2 functional ingredients providing 2 hours of fresh breath. Smint 2h Clean Breath proves to significantly reduce unpleasant breath for over 2 hours.


Smint 2h Clean Breath is available in 2 refreshing flavours, Peppermint and Intense Mint giving you a fresh boost.


The mints come in a convenient tin full of refreshing moments. Take your tin whereever you go and enjoy them at any moment of the day. Available in single and multipacks.

Smint 2h Clean Breath Intense Mint