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We asked our employees worldwide their opinion on what makes Perfetti Van Melle irresistibly interesting to them: have a look at the four ingredients that are most liked and appreciated by our employees across the globe (Universum – Perfetti Van Mlle internal survey 2016)


Blue icon of a fruit representing 'Integrity without compromise'


Blue icon of a fruit representing 'Integrity without compromise'


Blue icon of a fruit representing 'Integrity without compromise'


Blue icon of a fruit representing 'Integrity without compromise'

PVM has a supportive and empowering culture that lets employees make a real difference

Performance Management Process

Our performance management system for everyone from the CEO down to newly hired trainees


Training and development opportunities

  • Most of our companies offer opportunities tailored to suit each employee's developmental needs
  • Our academic training is always linked to on-the-job learning so our employees get the best of both worlds!

Getting together

We offer our people the opportunity to meet their colleagues from our global network to share ideas, best practice and projects. In 2016, 30 marketing colleagues from all over the world gathered in Amsterdam for an immersive digital marketing experience. See what they got up to in the video below:

Share your voice

We actively measure our employees’ engagement through a biennial Engagement Survey. A staggering 97% of our people participated in 2015, and results showed that 84% of Perfetti Van Melle employees are sustainably engaged with our company.


In order to shape our organisation and boost the development of our professionals, Perfetti Van Melle strongly believes in working with cross-functional and multi-market teams on actual business challenges. Aimed at improving coordination and integration, these Masterclasses, such as the 3-day Media & Communication course held in 2015, also increase motivation and present an opportunity for self-development.

Perfetti is a family-owned business that takes a long-term view of all products and processes. Because they are not locked into a short term, short sighted view they are able to act responsibly and do what is right for both the company and their employees. This longer range vision made an enormous difference in my professional growth. My professional development at Perfetti focuses not only on what will benefit me today, but also on my future potential and what my job may be two or three years from now. In addition to skill enhancement and training, I have a personal coach and mentor who works with me to develop my management and leadership skills. I am empowered to explore, to seek opportunities to grow and learn, and to engage fully in teams inside and outside of Finance. These opportunities are challenging and take me out of my comfort zone so that I stretch and continuously grow

Within one month of starting to work for Perfetti, I had the opportunity to relocate to Viet Nam. I was given a great deal of responsibility almost immediately. I had the freedom to act decisively, make real contributions, and have a positive impact in our local organization. Although I sometimes felt I was empowered and trusted a bit more than I thought I was ready for, I could always depend on my manager and teammates to be supportive and helpful.

PVM employees work on global, influential, fun brands

Investing in our people and communities

We believe in connecting our employees to local communities and in being a fun, social place to work. We offer our people:

  • CSR days
  • Green days
  • Family days

Having fun and sharing fun

We have fun developing, producing and selling our products around the world. Our people are encouraged to share our brands’ content in creative ways across their social media accounts. We take great pride in supporting our brands and in celebrating their achievements!

After obtaining my MBA, I was given the opportunity to join Perfetti. Here I found the perfect company to work for. Not only do I have direct contact with my consumers, clients, and distributors, but I also feel good about the products we make; their high quality, superior taste, and a smile hidden in every candy. Working for Perfetti is like an Alpenliebe candy; the work is s sweet, happy and fun, and my teams remind me of a family having good times and celebrations together. I am excited to go to work every morning to see how I can help my managers and employees do the best work they can. At Perfetti, if you work hard, grow, and learn, you are rewarded and recognized. The best advice I ever received was “There is no substitute for hard work.” Over the years I recognize that “You can only work hard if you love what you are doing.” At Perfetti it is easy to work hard, because I love what I do and am recognized for putting my heart into everything I do.

When people ask me where I work, they sometimes don't recognize the name Perfetti van Melle at first. But, when they realize that I work for the company that makes Mentos, Alpenliebe, Center Fresh, and Center Fruit, they always get excited and smile. I am proud to work for a company that is so well respected and loved throughout the world. In fact, the affection for the company and brands often rubs off on me too; people, especially kids, sometimes like me just because I make confectionery. This is one of the sweetest parts of my job.


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When I first came to Perfetti, I was surprised to find a family-like culture of fun, happy, and welcoming people. We have a tradition here that whenever a new person joins our group, after the first full day of company-directed on-boarding, our whole team goes out to dinner together. This dinner allows us to personally get to know our new colleague and affirm that everyone is accepted as their true selves inside and outside of work. We also give him/her a small silly gift to take home to remember the first day at Perfetti, and how sweet it is to work here. Our collaborative and team-oriented culture share a passion for our work, which motives and energizes me. I feel respected and accepted everywhere at Perfetti. I love our Perfetti products, and I truly like my amazing fun and happy colleagues. It is easy to make friends, motivate and inspire each other, work hard together, and have fun.

PVM employees are essential in an innovative and entrpreneural company

Innovation is one of our core and founding principles

Our CEO, Sameer Suneja, is a strong believer in innovation driving our company forward in the future. He shares his vision with PVM employees in the video below.


Research and development

Our R&D centre is dedicated to innovation. 15% of our yearly turnover is accounted for in new product development. Find out more about it from our new Chief R&D officer: watch video

of our yearly turnover from new product development


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Perfetti's long-range vision rather than short-term expectations allow me to explore and develop transformative ideas freely. My managers support and encourage me to bring forth new ideas and offer opinions even when it impacts an area outside of my job function. I am always recognized for my creative efforts, even when they are small process or workflow improvements. As a team we often brainstorm creative and innovative ideas both formally and informally. This open and continuous dialogue with my teammates and with people in other departments or other continents, brings a highly diverse set of experiences, cultures, and thinking into our conversation. Every day I'm experiencing innovation and transformation; it's so much fun!

Perfetti's motto "Always innovating what confectionary can do" is the DNA of our company and the guiding principle of our teams. I believe that innovation is not only developing new products but also improving and creating better processes, services, technologies, and business practices. To me, innovation means taking a long-term view, engaging in continuous learning, and looking toward the future. I particularly like that ideas and suggestions are encouraged and taken forward for implementation

I am more than just a numbers guy. At Perfetti I'm given the opportunity to work on project teams spanning innovation, marketing, system implementation, customer and broker negotiations, new products, and of course finance. I have freedom to apply my skills and talents where they will make the most impact. All around me are colleagues stretching their capabilities and making valuable contributions to their teams. We are excited and motivated. I've never been happier and have never worked for a better company.

PVM is a fast-paced and dynamic business

A global presence

With offices and production plants in 30 countries, our employees have the opportunity to work all over the world

Countries with offices and production plants
Employees working outside of their home country

Always growing and changing

  • Our ability to grow organically over the years has lead us to become a dynamic player in the confecitonery industry. As well as continuing to focus on our core businesses of chewing gum and candies, we are looking forward to expanding in jellies and chocolate.
  • The way we are structured is always adapting to new ways of working, with an international team now stationed at our headquarters in Amsterdam

Our products connect with people, and through my work I feel like I celebrate with them. I work in a very fast-paced and dynamic environment that could be incredibly stressful, but I don't take myself too seriously. Sure, there are moments of stress, hard work, and long hours, but there are more memorable moments of laughter and sharing with friends, eating treats, and the realization that I work for a great candy company where everybody smiles.

I enjoy being a part of really big projects. These are not the projects are not necessarily with the most people involved, but the ones that challenge me and make me stretch my capabilities. I am encouraged to continuously learn while making substantial contributions to every project. In addition, while working on these projects I have the opportunity to learn from the smartest people in the industry and experts from across the world. We are a truly international company, I was able to travel to our Perfetti China facility to learn directly from our production people there to help me make our Mexico production and processes top-of-the-line. I regularly collaborate with our global experts to find the best solutions to complex problems. This hands-on experience is invaluable to my professional growth.

The distance from my parent's home to my first day at Perfetti, Italy was 15km. By the end of the month my new home was 10'000km away in Viet Nam. I was a newlywed in Shanghai, China, had my first child in Jakarta, Indonesia, and my second child in Breda, Netherlands. On that first day, I never imagined that during the next 8 years I would have the far-reaching opportunities to live, work, and play in so many wonderful countries. My Italian family tease me and say that I am a bit Asian, a bit Indonesian, and am getting more Dutch every day. I have not only grown professionally during my years at Perfetti, I have grown personally and been enriched by the multiple cultures and people I have lived with and become friends with.